The Tomfoolery Box

Fancy something completely different at your wedding? There’s no denying that photobooths have become firm favourites at wedding receptions. But have you ever stopped to consider the impact a photo booth can have on your dancefloor? Whilst your friends and family are busy striking poses in that Indian head-dress it means they won’t be on the dancefloor. The dancefloor ends up diluting the impact of the photobooth and vice versa!

What if I told you there was a way to have the best of both worlds? Well, my Tomfoolery Box gives you maximum fun and plenty of pics whilst keeping the dancefloor packed. It’s a box packed with all the party props you’d get with a photo booth and more besides. I’ll invite the newlyweds to officially open the Tomfoolery Box and one of my skilled paparazzi photographers will capture the messy results!

It’s is a service that’s gone down like free ice cream with my couples and their guests!