The Wedding Breakfast

The wedding breakfast is your first meal together as a married couple and the background music you choose can have a real impact in setting the tone for the day to come.

At many wedding receptions, the background music played during the meal can best be described as the default setting with either the venue or the DJ putting on the same old, safe music choices they play at every wedding.

The background music choices should be yours and yours alone. It’s another chance to make your wedding day personal.

Wedding Breakfast
Welcoming the Bride and Groom

The music selection should be subtle, lighthearted and unobtrusive,  allowing your guests the chance to chat without having to raise their voices in order to be heard.  As with your choice of ceremony music, the music played during your wedding breakfast should reflect your personality and start to build energy towards the end of the meal so your guests are ready to start dancing as the evening reception begins.

Whether you want Sinatra style swing, Summer jazz or Ibizan chill out tunes, I will work with you to create the right soundtrack to your wedding breakfast. All delivered via my discreet, high-quality Bose music system. With hi-fi sound quality and a radio microphone, I can ensure your guests won’t be deafened and can hear every word of the speeches in crystal clear clarity.

Get Your Guests Involved

The meal is often overlooked as a time for allowing your guests to feel involved in your wedding day. It’s all about eating right? So surely the fun can’t begin until the tables have been cleared? WRONG!

I can help with lots of ideas to make your reception more personal and involve your guests in your big day.

“Pearls of Wisdom” cards are a great ice-breaker. Ask your family and friends to complete a card with their thoughts on what makes a great marriage, the best of which can be read out and then collected in a folder or frame to keep.

Pearls of Wisdom

So get in touch to find out how I can make your wedding day unique, personal and fun. As a trained Master Of Ceremonies I can also ensure you get a personal grand entrance into your wedding breakfast.