5 Tips To Help Create Your Very Own Royal Wedding!

So Prince Harry and his fiancée Megan have set a date for the royal wedding.  Whilst she’s living out a real-life fairytale of the normal girl marrying a proper prince and becoming a princess for life, (well maybe Dutchess!) there’s nothing stopping you from creating your very own royal wedding day.  I want to share some ideas that’ll help bring a touch of royal grandeur to your wedding. Oh and Harry if you’re reading this, take note of these ideas. No-one wants the same entertainment their brother had at his wedding!;

  1. The Royals really know how to make an entrance, and it’s normally accompanied by a trumpeter or two. Well, you too could make a statement with how you’re introduced to your guests. A trumpet fanfare might be the preserve of a royal wedding but you can still use music really effectively to lift the mood and add emphasis as you’re introduced to your guests ahead of the wedding breakfast. Here’s some grand entrance music suggestions to put some pep in your step;
  • The Lumineers – Hey Ho
  • Avicci – Levels
  • Candi Staton – You Got The Love
  • Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed Delivered
  • U2 – Beautiful Day
  • Beauty & The Beast Soundtrack – Be Our Guest
  • Heavy D & The Boyz – Now That We’ve Found Love
  • Fratellis – Chelsea Dagger
  • Guns ‘n’ Roses – Welcome The Jungle
  • Natalie Cole – This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)

  1. Corgis have become synonymous with the Royal family and if you’re as smitten with your pooch as the Queen is then make them a part of your day. At least two of my couples have bestowed the role of ‘Ring Bearer’ on their mutt. Yes, really!
  2. I wonder what colour scheme Megan’s chosen for her spring wedding? Maybe Royal Blue?! Sorry, I couldn’t help that! Anyway, once you’ve found your ideal wedding colours, talk to me about how mood lighting your wedding venue can really add a sense of regal grandeur.
  3.  I have it on good authority that Prince Harry loves dressing up (aherm!) so you can bet they’ll be plenty of that going on behind closed doors at Windsor Castle. If you want to emulate Megan and Harry’s dressing up antics then speak to me about The Tomfoolery Box.  I can put together a big selection of royal party props including crowns and tiaras to ensure your night is every bit as rawkus as the Royals!
  4. Finally, with the news that both Harry and brother William managed to blag roles as stormtroopers in the upcoming Star Wars movie, I reckon Harry could talk Megan into a lightsabre guard of honour to end the night…..


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