If Music Be The Food Of Love…..

Then your wedding day deserves to be a hot running buffet of delights to tantalise your guest’s senses! OK, well I may have stretched Shakespeare’s metaphor to breaking point there but the Bard makes a good point. Music and emotion are intrinsically linked so use music wisely and it will amplify the emotions of your wedding day.

A wedding day is filled with emotion and choosing the right music for the right moment can go a long way to enhancing the power of each moment. I wanted to pick out some examples of how you can harness the power of music on your wedding day with various emotions. ‘Love’ is normally the emotional star of the show on a wedding day and gets all the headlines.   So I wanted to highlight some of the other emotions;


Music Is What Feelings Sound Like…

Nostalgia – At the very heart of music are the memories we associate with them. From the brides who choose to dance with their Dad to the song he’d sing when she was a child, to the songs that instantly transport you back to the day you first met. Tell me about your musical memories?

Relaxed – Think of the music you love like a friend or a stranger. If your DJ plays unfamiliar or weak music selections then you’ll naturally feel detached from the atmosphere. Being greeted at your wedding reception by music you know and can connect with will ensure you and your guests feel right at home.

Laughter – I can vividly recall with a smile one of my couples Chloe and Ashleigh (two ladies) getting married. They entrusted me with taking care of their ceremony music and had an idea to bring some light relief and a few giggles to this pivotal moment in their day. So as they shared their first kiss as a married couple, right on cue, I played the chorus of Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl to the delight of the newlyweds and their guests!

Euphoria – You’re done with the formalities of the ceremony and are about to be introduced to your guests as husband and wife for the first time. This is a key moment in your day, an outpouring of joy and elation. It’s your moment to pick the perfect processional tune to match the moment.  Make it count!



If you want to know more about these and more ideas to make your wedding day emotional moments count then get in touch and let’s talk. All the couples I meet receive their very own wedding planner filled with inspirational music choices that will hit the right note on your day. Good luck with your wedding plans and have fun doing it!


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